Mistakes Should We Avoid In a Nursing Resume

What Mistakes Should We Avoid In a Nursing Resume?

We heard that you have passed your medical college and are seeking a professional role to start your career as a nurse. For this purpose, one thing that can ease your journey is a well-written nursing resume. But as a fresher, you must not be aware of how you create one. This is why we are here to guide you. So whether you are waiting for a response from the health care center you have applied for or directed toward a new position, be careful of these minor errors.

In this article, we will discuss a few mistakes that most candidates make that stop them from reaching their dream job. So keep reading.

Create A Perfect CV: Avoid These Mistakes While Composing A Nursing Resume

When it comes to writing a medical CV, you must stay attentive more than the other professions.

Aside from work, as a nurse, you will be judged by a lot of other qualities as well. This is why most candidates take assistance from any Canadian resume writer to craft their document. These professionals provide them with a well-crafted CV, which aids them in availing a great nursing position.

But if you are thinking of creating a resume on your own, then make sure to avoid these impactful mistakes, which are mentioned below.

Not Optimizing For The Job And Applicant Tracking System

The first and the most common mistake that most candidates make is not tailoring their resume according to the role and ATS.

Your resume must incorporate the keywords that are used in the job description. As a result, it becomes easier for the hiring manager and the ATS to find the elements they are looking for in a candidate.

Additionally, your CV should be related to the company and the position you have applied for. You must include all the relevant experience that you possess in the document. Avoid adding your whole career journey.  

Using One Fit All Rule

The next most commonly seen error that most candidates make is using one resume for every job application.

The fact is not every role or company requires the same thing. This is why you should first carefully understand what the employer is asking in the job description and then compose a CV according to it. As a result, if your document ticks all the boxes on the recruiter’s requirement list, then your chances of getting the job increase.

Creating An Objective Statment Instead Of The Summary

Have you ever read the objective summary part of a resume? Does it offer some valuable information?

No, right? It just speaks about the goals of the candidate. This is why you should not include this section on your CV; instead of that, you can add the summary of your overall resume. The summary statement will help you tell how you can add value to the company. As a result, it will help the hiring manager to know you well with just one heading.

Using Online Writing Tools To Create A Resume

We are all aware of how technology has impacted our lives in a good way, but this doesn’t mean that you have to rely on it for everything.

These days, candidates have started getting assistance from various online writing tools. As a result, these alternatives leave errors on resumes and add irrelevant information.

This is why it is not recommended to use AI tools for crafting a professional document. It is understandable that composing a medical CV is a daunting task, so for this purpose, you can get assistance from various nursing resume writers. These professionals know how to present you well in front of the recruiter. As a result, you will have a well-written and error-free draft.

Adding Duties Rather Than Results

Most candidates think that they should mention what their duties were at their past workplace to make the recruiter aware of what they are capable of.

But this is not the right way to do that. To showcase your abilities as a nurse, you must demonstrate your impacts and outcomes in your previous role. For instance, you can state that you keep the record check for each patient for two months, and 10% of patients showed better and quicker progress with your assistance.

With this approach, you can present the results you have driven in your last job clearly. Additionally, by qualifying your abilities, HR can examine you well.

Not Properly Proofread Or Edit The Document

Most people don’t consider proofreading and editing the document as a vital component of writing.

This is why they don’t get responses to the job application more frequently. A few silly mistakes on a resume can reduce its worth. This is why it is recommended to proofread your draft thoroughly before sending it. Or else a minor grammar or spelling mistake can become a barrier between you and your dream job.

Moreover, always try to edit the first tone and layout of the CV at the end and keep everything professional and readable.

Keep It Concise And Avoid Adding Unprofessional Details

A recruiter doesn’t demand a huge essay about a candidate to know about them; they don’t have enough time for it.

An HR only spends a few minutes examining a single document. This is why it is important to keep your resume short, clear, and relevant.

As a result, a reviewer can grasp everything in one go. Furthermore, most candidates include their personal information in their CV, which doesn’t look professional. This is why a candidate should not include their social media links, their birthday, or any irrelevant information to create an impression.


Starting a career in the medical field is one of the challenging tasks.

From creating a resume to handling the patients, you have to stay attentive during each process. The fact is a single mistake can act as a downfall in getting a position or your career. This is why we have mentioned a few errors that most candidates make while creating a nursing resume for your ease. Now it’s your turn to avoid each of them and win the position.

Additionally, a well-drafted CV can act as a maker or breaker of your career journey. Thus, don’t let the above silly mistakes ruin your chance to get your desired role. We have discussed each of them clearly so you can understand what you don’t have to do while writing a resume.

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