10 Best Resume Tips That Will Get You Hired In 2023

The job market is changing, and your resume is your key to standing out from the crowd and landing the job you want in 2023. Whether you’re a fresh graduate creating your very first resume or upgrading your professional CV to advance your career, it’s a great idea to learn what makes an excellent CV. However, putting your expertise on one page can be challenging, but do not worry. Here are resume tips that will get you a job in 2023.

Resume Tips to Help You Get Your Dream Job In 2023

1. Using Relevant Keywords

One of the most important tips is to tailor your resume according to the details in the job description. The best advice would be to start reading the job descriptions carefully. It would be best to read through each point when you apply for various positions to seek keywords highlighting the qualities the employer appreciates in a candidate. Including those keywords in your CV enhance your chance of getting the job.

It is essential to match your CV to each position you apply for by using the appropriate keywords and phrases. However, there is one smart additional step you can do to separate yourself from other applicants. Start with a good summary that explains how you can complete the task more effectively, more quickly, or profitably. By doing this, you’ll be able to quickly and easily surpass other competent applicants.

2. Pick The Best Resume Format

Ensuring your resume creates the best first impression is vital because hiring managers don’t give much time to it in their initial scan. Choosing the vitae format that best showcases your experience, expertise, and education is one approach to achieving this.

You can create your own format for any field, like sales and marketing, but if you have no idea how to do it, you can hire a sales resume writing service as well to jazz up your resume.

3. Try Using Active Language

Making a good first impression using action language in your CV is worth the extra work. You will have a better chance of securing an interview if you highlight your past accomplishments and noteworthy contributions using active verbs and clear words and let the hiring manager know what you can contribute to their team.

4. Add Numbers And Metrics To Your Resume

It is a great idea to write about your accomplishments with numbers as well when discussing your prior professional experience. Metrics can be used to highlight your success and show the recruiter exactly what you can bring to the table.

5. Keep It Concise

Even if you have much prior experience, it’s essential to maintain your vitae as concise as possible while still including all the necessary details. Your resume may distract from important information if it contains outdated details, such as positions held more than ten years ago or small degrees and accomplishments. Long details of your previous work won’t excite hiring managers, and they won’t take the time to read through numerous pages. A single page is ideal for your resume unless the job title specifies a CV.

6. Specify Your Achievements

A list of your duties for the job role will not interest the hiring manager. They want to see specific examples of your successes in prior roles that highlight how you can contribute in this current role. Try adding a section for previous achievements at the start of your resume to help you in personal branding and getting the recruiter’s attention.

Your CV should lead the reader to the details they require to evaluate you appropriately. It entails giving content priority and not weighing everything equally. Always start your document with the most significant and impressive content.

7. Review Different Samples

You may look at sample resumes from your field to get ideas and learn best practices when writing your own. You can google Top Resume Canada or other countries to get a clear vision of different samples worldwide before starting with your vitae.

8. Keep Proper Margins and Fonts

Although looks aren’t vital, they definitely have an impact with regard to your résumé. An excellent CV should be appealing to the eye in addition to being clear to read, which requires striking a good balance between writing and white space. If you need additional space, you can reduce the margins on your CV, but they should be more than half an inch. Your CV will appear packed and be challenging to read if the gaps are too narrow.

Apart from margins, using a clear font can also give a professional look to your CV. Recruiters have only a little time to review your resume. So keeping it simple by using easy-to-read fonts and suitable font sizes can be helpful for you.

9. Link Your Social Media URLs

It is a good idea to include a link to your LinkedIn profile or other professional social media in your CV if you have one. It will help hiring managers learn more about your experience, qualifications and connections by viewing your profiles.

Any job seeker who wants to establish a professional online presence should build or update their LinkedIn page. Professionals use LinkedIn, a potent social networking platform, to network with others and update about their success and achievements. To add extra charm to your CV, you can add links to your personal blogs or websites which can do wonders for your resume.

10. Don’t Forget To Proofread Your Resume

Typos can ruin all the efforts you put into preparing your CV. It’s always a smart move to review your vitae. You can use various tools for proofreading and editing mistakes. Having dependable friends and coworkers look over your CV is also pretty helpful. An impartial third-party review will help you find those errors that a recruiter might catch in your vitae. Fixing such mistakes beforehand can increase your employment chances.


Are you prepared to advance in your career this year? You may create a winning vitae by polishing up your existing material. Keeping these ten useful resume tips, and presenting it all in a simple layout.

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