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Landing Your Part-Time Dream Job: A Student’s Guide To Craft A Resume

Are you also suffering from unemployment anxiety and pressure?

If you are also worried about your career and don’t know the tricks to get your desired part-time job, then we are here to serve you.

The job market is evolving with time. At this stage of life, when we are about to graduate or mature enough to seek a job, we don’t find it comfortable to ask our parents or any other person to guide us in this process. Part-time jobs are a great option to support your financial situation along with continuing your academic career. Many fresh graduates go through this issue, and it’s normal. You just have to study the current job market situation.

In this blog, we will cover the entire process of availing a part-time job. The process starts with writing your resume. After writing an excellent and relevant resume according to your skills, you need to start looking for part-time positions. Here is a Student’s Guide for making an incredible resume that will send their CV to yes piles rather than to trash cans.

Improve The Quality Of Your CV

The first step that you need to take is to craft your CV from scratch. You need to make your vitae perfect and appealing so that it gets the eyes of recruiters in the first place. The team of recruiters has to go through so many CVs in a day. You have to make sure that your resume gets their attention. Let’s learn how we can grab our dream part-time job by following all the steps of the process.

1. Skills

    Make a detailed list of your skills. Don’t rush off and line up every single skill that you have. After listing all your skills, take some time to understand which skills are relevant to your desired jobs. To get more clarity, you can seek help from Top Resume Canada and other writing agencies. They will make your skills stand out on that document.

    There are three types of skills that you should include:

    Transferable: Skills that you got from your past job experience can be useful like data analysis and report writing. If you don’t have any experience but have these skills, you can mention them too.

    Adaptive: These are the skills that are according to your personality, such as quick learning, teamwork, and working under pressure.

    Job Specific: Job-specific skills are those that are perfect for a particular job, which is known as skill set. These skills could include CAD skills, finite element analysis, and coding skills in specific languages.

    Below, we have mentioned some top-rated skills that will help your CV to create a good impression on employers.

    1. Leadership skills and teamwork
    2. Problem-solving and critical thinker
    3. Good communication skills
    4. Organized and good time management
    5. IT and computer literacy

    As a part-time job for a fresh graduate, you are not expected to have proficient and excellent skills, but these skills would help you in securing your dream job.

    2. CV Length

    This is another important factor that you need to be careful about. There is nothing wrong with taking your CV as long as 2 -3 pages. Remember to add achievements and other relevant records. Recruiters don’t have time to go through all the sections and pages. It’s good to keep your resume simple and relevant. For example, the paper round activities you did when you were in school are not necessary to be mentioned in your CV.

    3. CV Design

    In this Student’s Guide for making a resume now, you will read about design. Mostly, we don’t pay attention to design. There are two approaches for CV design: conservative or artier. If you are looking forward to getting into the field that is related to arts, then you should follow an artier approach. If not arts and other fields, then it is safe to follow a conservative approach.

    4. Sections

    Don’t mess up your CV. Divide it into sections so the recruiters don’t have to go hunting amongst clutter. Also, keep one thing in mind when listing your previous work: keep the most recent one on the top. Your CV should be aligned in a way that the employer reads it as your career story.

    Your resume should be divided into the following sections: Summary, Education, Work Experience, Skills, and Achievements. Divide these four sections and mention the relevant information that will maximize the chances of your securing a job.

    Summary Section

    A resume summary statement is a professional introduction. It consists of 2-3 sentences and is added to the top of the resume. The summary should include the most valuable experiences and skills. Your summary helps employers to quickly learn whether you are eligible for the company or not.

    If it still feels like an uphill task, then you can hire any resume writing services Toronto to help you in writing your CV.


    1. What should be a student job description on a CV?

    Duties that should be listed on a part-time student’s resume include using office equipment, excellent academic records, good communication skills, transferring phone calls to staff, sorting mail, and completing tasks that managers assign in an excellent way.

    • I am a student. Do I need a resume?

    Having your resume already prepared, even as a student’s guide, has multiple benefits. It helps you to get the best opportunities before your graduation. Additionally, it benefits you with professional development and college experience.

    • Can my resume be 2 pages long?

    The student’s resume should not exceed more than one page. At the same time, It depends on your document’s purpose, background, and the industry to which you are focusing and applying.

    It’s A Wrap

    So, this is a complete Student’s Guide for crafting a CV. We hope these tips will help them create an exceptional resume and secure their dream part-time job. On the other hand, it is very necessary to keep your LinkedIn optimized and up-to-date. Apply only to those companies that you think your skills and qualifications are relevant to. Lastly, your CV plays a crucial role in securing your job, making it ideal according to the latest job market requirements.

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